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Wes + Mandee



For us, photography is about freezing moments. The moments that you want to last a lifetime. Freezing the love that you share in time. The way that your daughter laughs with her snaggletoothed grin.

Our job is to capture these memories, to preserve this moment, right now. 










Boudoir | Fitness


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Send any of your inquiries our way! Please include of the following.

  • Overall feel and theme you're looking for

  • Number of subjects/guests

  • Where you found us (google, facebook, referral, met me at the store)

  • Any products you know you'll want to include later (prints, albums, canvas)
    Knowing this ahead of time will allow me to build you a package, use any promotions I currently have going, and save you a little money.

  • Location

  • Questions you have about me, what I'll need from you, clothing, how to keep the kids happy, turnaround time, etc.