Breastfeeding and Formula-Feeding Model Call!

This is something I have been thinking about for awhile; now, I'm ready to dive in! And let me tell you, I am so excited for this!! (Insert a thousand exclamation marks!)

 I am searching for two Moms, one who is breastfeeding and another who is formula feeding their precious babes!  Being a new mother is a joyous time, and I am a firm believer that EVERY moment should be captured and remembered for a lifetime. Also, with Mother's Day quickly approaching this is the perfect time!

Breastfeeding Moms:  There is nothing more beautiful to me, than to see a woman's body doing what God intended for it to do!  So, embrace it! And show the world the beauty and bond that you and your baby share!  

Formula Feeding Moms: I myself know the personal struggles that come with breastfeeding, and much to my disappointment, I wasn't able to do it as long as I had planned. Whatever your reasoning is, I believe that that beauty and bond should be embraced as well!

The two sessions will take place at the same time, to show that no matter how your baby is being fed; it's beautiful and should be cherished! If you are interested please send me a message at to apply.  Please also send a picture of you and baby!  If you have a friend or know of someone that may be interested, feel free to spread the word!

We need to show the world that no matter how your baby is being fed, it is healthy. And you should be loved and supported for your choice!