Wes & Mandee

Wes + Mandee

Not many couples get to work along side each other, but we are the lucky ones who get to. 

We met 6 years ago, and were married within a year. Since then, our life has been a whirlwind. We spent almost 5 years living in Las Vegas, where Wes served in the Air Force. While there, we had our first child, Jack. He is definitely the little comedian in the family.

After Jack was born, we both realized how important it was to capture all the moments of his life. We loved freezing all the little moments for us to remember forever. Even now, we look back on his early pictures and reminisce about the early days of parenting.

We moved back to Georgia in early 2017, and we couldn't be more happy being back home. We recently had our second child, Reagan, who happens to have an extra chromosome.

Wes and I believe in family, and love. They are what makes us so passionate about our job. Let us join you on your family adventure, we promise that it will be a fun ride!